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Block Malicious Traffic within 1-click with this new Bot Security for Cloudways



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| Did you know more than 40% of the visitors to your site are usually…bots?

You read that correct!

Let’s appearance at a good example.

Visitors Requests to an internet site

This is really a screenshot showing the incoming visitors of a niche site. One will certainly assume it got 3000+ guests on 7th August.

But that is highly inaccurate!

After analysing the visitors, we discovered that automated bots were sending needless requests to the website.

But wait around, why are bots attacking websites? And how do they affect your website?

To get clarity with this, you should first recognize that there 2 forms of bots:

  1. Good bots:
    These bots don’t have malicious intent towards your website rather, they assist! For instance, Google’s bots scrape your website to allot SEO position. As SEO can be an essential aspect for the success of an online business, this can assist you to rank better resulting in more traffic and product sales.

  2. Bad bots:
    Unfortunately, it’s super easy to hire bad bots that may cause serious injury to your website. They send spam remarks, overload your servers with a large number of requests and make an effort to break into your website by admin credentials. With out a good security technique set up, your site can simply obtain hacked or crashed. And you’d pay a large amount in hosting costs!

Why are usually bots attacking you?

Now this can be hard to trust but many of these episodes are completely…random.

What we mean by that’s, nearly all hackers aren’t targeting your site specifically. They hack a huge selection of websites and yours been one of these.

There are 3 main motives why they’re attacking your website:

  • They desire to overload your server and ensure it is crash
  • They desire to steal your details
  • They desire to redirect your website to other unsolicited sites that will be selling medications or inducing viruses
  • They want to learn to hack better

How Carry out Bots Affects Your Web site

  1. They decelerate your website:
    Bots send multiple requests more than a brief period of time. This overloads your server and will lessen your site loading period by typically of 30%!

  2. They increase the threat of being hacked:
    Hackers can program bots to inject malware into your data source or to make an effort to guess your login credentials using algorithms and combinations.

  3. SEO Bots send unnecessary requests:
    SEO tools want Ahrefs or even SEMRush send requests to your website that add more load. In addition they scrape information about your website and offer it to your competition!

  4. They increase hosting expenses:
    Hosting Providers usually ask you for based on visitors requests to your internet site. These unneeded requests from bots inflate the purchase price for you yourself to bear!

Most attacks are generally sudden and quick – easily a large number of requests sent per 2nd! Generally, your host server will be unprepared for the unexpected load and would crash.

We’ve clearly seen an evergrowing dependence on sites to end up being protected from poor bots. And that’s where our Bot Protection function together with Cloudways will come in.

Our New Bot Safety Function For Cloudways

Cloudways and us go In the past. We at BlogVault (our sister back-up plugin) built the Cloudways migration plugin 4 years back and have been friends since!

Thus when the period came to improve the Cloudways Firewall Security, it had been only natural that people partnered upward.

The New Bot Defense feature:

  • Identifies And Anticipates Visitors Surges Also Before They Happen
  • Blocks Malicious Visitors From Bots Which Are usually Harmful FOR THE Site
  • Protects YOUR SITE From DDoS And Brute Push Attacks
  • Reduces Server Use By 50%
  • Collates AN INTENSIVE Traffic Report

This can be an absolute leap forward with regards to firewall protection.

Do not believe us? Take a look out →

Below you can view how the CPU using a niche site hosted on Cloudways without Bot Protection reaches 80%.

CPU Using a niche site without Bot security

This may be the CPU utilization of the same web site with Bot Protection allowed:

CPU Using a niche site with Bot safety enabled

The CPU use has dropped to 24%!

Not that, here’s a screenshot from the Cloudways dashboard that presents the bad bots which have been blocked.

Bots becoming blocked by Bot safety feature on Cloudways

Doesn’t this appear to be songs to your ears?

MalCare and Cloudways talk about a common belief:

| Your server resources are here to serve your visitors, not some poor bots! |

We spent months focusing on this feature and so are pleased to be revolutionising the standards of firewall security.

You can read more about any of it on the Cloudways Blog here: Bot Protection AVAILABLE THESE DAYS on Cloudways For Enhanced Security at Zero Additional Cost

P.S: This feature can be going to be accessible to all or any MalCare Pro users shortly! Stay updated with this by subscribing to your newsletter below. 👇

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