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SolarWinds and offer Chain Attacks: Could this happen to WordPress?



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The SolarWinds provide chain assault is all around the news, impacting government firms, telecommunications firms, along with other large companies. The security company FireEye was the initial victim of the strike, disclosing that they have been hacked on December 8, 2020. On December 13th the united states Treasury Department introduced that it had been compromised. In those days SolarWinds Orion was formally reported because the intrusion vector.

SolarWinds offers since stated that “less than 18,000” firms were affected. Businesses influenced by the SolarWinds provide chain attack consist of Intel, NVidia and Cisco.

What is really a supply chain assault?

A provide chain attack involves gaining usage of something by targeting a reliable third party utilized by that system. This may include any stage in the provide chain.

For instance, the 2013 Target information breach, probably the most expensive retail attack ever sold at that time, was tracked right down to attackers very first compromising an HVAC provider. The attackers utilized credentials attained from that supplier to get usage of Target’s internal system.

More recently provide chain attacks have centered on software providers. Compromising an individual organization might have a much larger effect if the compromised software program is distributed to numerous customers. In 2017, attackers distribute the NotPetya malware variant and triggered vast amounts of dollars in harm by compromising upgrade servers owned by MeDoc, an accounting software program company with a large number of customers.

What about SolarWinds?

SolarWinds Orion is really a Network Monitoring and Administration product, meaning that it could be configured with an immense quantity of control over a good organization’s infrastructure.

The currently unconfirmed nation-state danger actor were able to inject the backdoor, referred to as SUNBURST, into many variations of the Orion software program before these were downloaded by SolarWinds clients.

In this situation, SolarWinds has been the trusted alternative party, or more to 18,000 of these customers, most of them huge enterprises, downloaded and installed a good infected edition of Orion as soon as March of 2020.

Despite the amount of infected users, the attacker seems to have focused on keeping hidden while collecting information, focusing on a small number of targeted organizations. The SANS institute provides a more in-depth examination of the strike and its own mechanism.

A separate webshell, dubbed SUPERNOVA and believed by Microsoft to possess been injected by way of a different attacker, in addition has been within Orion, indicating that several threat actors noticed the value of this kind of assault against Orion.

Although the intrusion vector that initially resulted in the compromise of SolarWinds Orion happens to be unknown, in 2019 a security researcher named Vinoth Kumar reported he had found credentials to the SolarWinds update server in a public GitHub repository, including a remarkably insecure password of “Solarwinds123”. As the SUNBURST malware had been cryptographically signed, which may have necessary the attacker to compromise extra systems, these findings are usually indicative that SolarWinds could have had an unhealthy security posture in the areas.

Could something similar to this influence WordPress?

Yes. As the SolarWinds strike itself will be unlikely to effect any WordPress sites, an identical attack could be utilized against WordPress. In 2016, Wordfence Lead Programmer Matt Barry notified WordPress in regards to a potential supply chain attack which could have contaminated nearly a 3rd of the web by compromising the WordPress update infrastructure at, which instructs WordPress websites where you can download automatic updates. Because of our disclosure, the problem has been patched before it may be exploited.

Supply chain assaults aren’t always specialized. Between 2013 and 2017, an unscrupulous spammer referred to as Mason Soiza were able to insert malicious program code used to display undesired spam and ads into at the very least 9 WordPress plugins, including some with several 100 thousand installations. Generally he bought the plugin from the writer and included their own malicious code.

Later in 2017 we saw exactly the same activity on three separate plugins that had changed owners, where in fact the new owners included articles injection backdoors within the plugins.

The motives for a WordPress supply chain attack could be not the same as those of the attackers targeting SolarWinds, however the mechanisms will be the same. Even though many of the episodes against WordPress aren’t sophisticated, the likelihood of an attacker targeting a CMS powering over one-third of the web shouldn’t be underestimated.

How can provide chain attacks end up being prevented?

It is impossible to totally eliminate supply chain assaults, but there are methods to mitigate the dangers posed by them. For example, WordPress introduced assistance for cryptographically signed up-dates in version 5.2, although feature isn’t yet fully used. This might prevent WordPress from setting up updates that were not really signed with the right keys.

While this might drive back an attacker overtaking and instructing websites to download improvements from the rogue server, it could not drive back an attacker overtaking the best plugin.

In addition, if an attacker could access the server or keys used to sign updates, they might nevertheless bypass this measure. Probably the most troubling top features of the SUNBURST malware had been that the attackers could actually cryptographically indication the update in order that it were legitimate.

Since with other threats, the chance of supply chain episodes is most beneficial addressed with a variety of specialized and administrative settings, including code signing, taking a principle of minimum privilege, and program hardening, so the breach of an individual component doesn’t bring about a whole system or network getting compromised.

Protecting Against Provide Chain Attacks

As users of software program, detecting and preventing provide chain attacks could be extraordinarily difficult. Software program and vendor human relationships are based on trust. Software users rely on that the program and techniques that their organizations make use of are secured, yet customers have little control on the security or procedures that create and distribute that software program. This is also true in closed-source software program models, where in fact the responsibility of safety is using one organization.

In some methods, WordPress differs from almost every other software within that there is a dynamic and communicative system of developers who donate to the project and so are invested in the achievement of WordPress. This local community has often already been a first type of protection in detecting and disclosing problems in order to be resolved rapidly.

In either situation, protecting an organization from the supply chain assault via trusted software could be difficult. It needs attention, testing, and recognition. WordPress gets the benefit of a big community of customers and developers who’ve historically shared that obligation.

While the WordPress ecosystem isn’t immune to provide chain assaults, its open-source nature implies that many potential problems could be spotted and patched quicker than problems with the proprietary codebase. In lots of ways the primary problem in an open-supply ecosystem is to make sure that all customers are usually updating to patched software program as threats emerge and so are mitigated with brand new releases.


In today’s content, we discussed the SolarWinds strike and the dangers posed by provide chain attacks generally. We furthermore covered a possibly catastrophic provide chain vulnerability that has been patched in WordPress before it may be exploited, along with smaller supply chain episodes that had been effectively executed against WordPress plugins. Lastly, we went over possible preventative measures, including program code signing and neighborhood involvement.

Supply chain attacks will still be a risk for the near future. While no strategy can prevent provide chain attacks, a variety of guidelines can reduce their influence.

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