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50 Social Media Sites You Need To Know About And Why

Social Media


Some of these hardly need mentioning, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Others you’ve heard of, but you’re not on there yet.

And still others will be new to you.

Now then, our suggestion is NOT that you try to be on all 50 of these networks. A better strategy is to pick as few as one and as many as 5, and have an active presence on those sites.

However, you need to be aware of all of these sites and apps for two reasons: First, every social media site that is huge today (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) began as a fledgling startup no one had heard of before.

The next Facebook (or bigger) could be in this list.

Second, it’s important to reserve your name in every single one of these social media sites that you can, just in case they do grow by epic proportions.

Otherwise, you’re leaving it on faith that someone won’t take your name and use it for less than positive purposes.

And while this list isn’t exhaustive, it is a good start.

Badoo – dating-based social networking site in 200 countries with 20 million active users.

If you're interested in online dating this excellent post from our friends at goes into great detail about online dating statistics.

Baidu Tieba – a social forum network that is based on keyword searches in the Baidu search engine – approximately 300 million active users each month.

CafeMom – Community for moms and mothers to be.

Care2 – Helps activists connect around the globe.

Delicious – social bookmarking service.

Deviantart – social networking for artists and art lovers.

Facebook – you’ve probably heard of this one. Nuff said.

Flickr – highly popular photo sharing site.

Flixter – American site for people who love movies and want to connect with other movie buffs.

FourSquare – local search and discovery based social media. 40 million active users.

Funny or Die – comedy video social site to find the funniest videos on the web. Celebrities are often found on this platform.

Google Plus – messages, photos, videos, video conferencing, etc. with approximately 300 million active users.

Instagram – completely based on sharing photos and videos, with approximately 400 million monthly users.

Kiwibox – Community-based social networking site for New Yorkers.

Line – share videos, texts, audio messages and files. Make voice and video calls, too.

LinkedIn – professional networking site, available in 20 languages.

Meetup – find groups of like-minded people in a specific area, including business groups.

MySpace – blast from the past music-focused social networking site, 20 million users.

NextDoor – social platform for neighborhoods in the U.S. Gets people connected with people and businesses in their area.

Periscope – live streaming video platform.

Pinterest – photo sharing, visual bookmarking.

QZone – share photos, watch videos, listen to songs, maintain diaries, write blogs and more.

Ravelry – community based social network targeted at people in fiber arts.

Reddit – submit content, vote to determine if content goes up or down. Primitive interface yet highly popular and somewhat addictive.

Renren – highly popular social site with Chinese youth.

Reverbnation – for musicians and anyone working in the music industry.

Sina Weibo – popular microblogging platform in China – sort of a mix between Facebook and Twitter.

Skype – not always thought of as a social network, Skype lets you talk to anyone in the world for free, as well as conducting group conference calls.

Skyrock - French social networking site that offers free web space, in 7 languages.

Snapchat – image messaging social platform with 200 million users and growing fast.

SnapFish – web-based photo sharing with unlimited storage.

StumbleUpon – intelligent platform that finds and recommends content to users. 10 million active users.

Tagged – social media site for friendships and dating. 25 million users.

Taringa – one of the largest social networking platforms in Latin America. 75 million active users.

Telegram – instant messaging network similar to WhatsApp. Very security conscious – messages are encrypted and self-destructive.

Tencent Q.Q. – chat-based media platform, launched in China and now available in more than 80 countries and approaching 1 billion users.

The Dots – networking platform to help everyone in the creative process to connect, collaborate and commercialize.

Tumblr – social media blogging platform acquired by Yahoo in 2013, with approximately 550 million users.

Twitter – features 140 character short text messages called tweets with 320 million active users per month.

Viadeo – online business based social networking site, mainly in Europe right now but growing.

Viber – instant text messaging and voice messaging in more than 30 languages with 250 million active users.

Vkontakte (VK) – similar to Facebook, one of the largest social networking platforms in Russia. 100 million active users per month.

Wanelo – like Pinterest, except you can purchase all the stuff you see.

Wayn – travel and lifestyle based platform to discover where to go and how to meet like-minded people to share experiences.

WeChat – all in one communications app for messaging and calling, similar to and fast catching up with Whatsapp.

WeHeartIt – inspirational and motivational social media site.

Whatsapp – acquired by Facebook, but this instant messaging platform is an independent entity with 1 billion users.

Xanga – blogging based network for weblogs, photo blogs and social profiles.

Xing – similar to LinkedIn, with users mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Germany right now.

YikYak – find your herd within your local community.

YouTube – Yup – you know it.

YY – major video-based social networking platform in China, enabling group video chats. 100,000 members can watch you doing something such as conducting a live video webinar. 122 million users per month.

Which Social Media platforms do you use?

Would you try any of the one's that you don't recognise here to build a following?

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