March 5

7 Insanely Actionable List Building Strategies That Will Generate More Subscribers Today

List Building


Imagine if you could make 7 different tweaks to your blog or website that would each generate more leads for your business.

Brian Dean tried it, and watched his subscriptions go through the roof.

In a nutshell, here they are:

1. Use a pop-up that offers a content upgrade.

Instead of the same old, “Subscribe to get updates” or “Subscribe to get my generic free report,” offer a content upgrade on whatever page they've just been reading.

For example, if your post is “5 Top Ways to Get Targeted Traffic,” then offer them a content upgrade of “The Top 20 Ways to Get Targeted Traffic.”

You already know they're interested in the topic since they just read your article. So offering this incentive to get them to join your list is giving them exactly what they want, when they want it.

This step alone increased Brian's conversions by 785%.

2. Hack Qualaroo to build your list.

Qualaroo is a survey tool that asks live questions to visitors on your website. So why not ask them to sign up to your list? Example:

“You seem interested in losing weight.

Would you like to sign up to get the latest proven weightloss techniques in your email?”

__ Yes (enter your email)

__ Already a subscriber

__ No thanks

This simple technique increased subscribers to the University of Alberta by a whopping 500%!

3. Optimize your “confirm your subscription”  page

Optimize your "Confirm Your Subscription" page to prevent 25% of your subscribers from never confirming, and thus never joining your list. How? Remind them of the benefits of subscribing, show them how easy it is to confirm and have a strong call to action.

4. Make users feel like idiots for not opting in.

Seriously. Do you want to stop being lazy or eat Cheetos on your couch? Do you want a million dollar a year income or do you want to be trailer-park poor all your life? Yes, it's tough love, but when done correctly it works.

5. Give them a choice.

In a study subjects were far more likely to make a decision if presented with two choices instead of just one. Yet when it comes to our sign-up forms, we only give one choice – to sign up.

Instead, give them a second choice, such as click this button to sign up to start losing weight today, or click this other button because you don't want to lose any weight. Strange, right?

But giving them the option to click a button that says, “I don't want to lose weight” or “I like being fat” actually increases the number of subscribers you get.

6. Use social proof.

You know that old, “Join 95,395 subscribers who get my newsletter” counter you see on sign up forms? What if you don't have 95,395 subscribers?

No problem. Just insert one or more testimonials from your newsletter subscribers and you've got REAL social proof, even if your list is only 3 members long right now.

7. Use the Landing Page Funnel Technique

Use the Landing Page Funnel Technique to send visitors to your best-converting landing pages. Wanna know how, along with the other 10 methods to generating more subscribers today? Then go here:

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