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An incredible number of Sites Targeted in Document Manager Vulnerability Attacks

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The Wordfence Threat Cleverness team is seeing a dramatic upsurge in attacks targeting the recent 0-day inside the WordPress File Manager plugin. This plugin is set up on over 700,000 WordPress sites, and we estimate that 37.4% or 261,800 websites remain jogging vulnerable versions of the plugin during this publication.

Episodes are Exploiting Document Upload Vulnerability

Attacks from this vulnerability possess risen dramatically during the last couple of days. Wordfence has documented episodes against over 1 million sites today, September 4, 2020, by 9 AM Pacific Period. Sites not by using this plugin are still getting probed by bots seeking to recognize and exploit vulnerable variations of the File Supervisor plugin, and we’ve recorded attacks against 1.7 million sites because the vulnerability was initially exploited. Although Wordfence protects more than 3 million WordPress websites, this is still just a part of the WordPress ecosystem. Therefore, the true level of the attacks is bigger than what we could actually record.

A few fresh indicators of compromise possess emerged, and something of the filenames we’re seeing most regularly is Feoidasf4e0_index.php

The following IP addresses have got each attacked over 100,000 sites since September 3, 2020:


Update your plugin

If you find your site’s features requires consistent using the File Manager plugin, make sure it is updated to version 6.9, which patched this vulnerability.

Uninstall File Supervisor

If you aren't actively utilizing the plugin, uninstall it completely. Because of the breadth of document management efficiency this plugin offers a consumer within the wp-admin dashboard, we suggest uninstalling the plugin when it's not actively used.

Optimize your own Wordfence firewall

To protect your website against vulnerabilities like these that work without loading WordPress, the firewall must also be able to work before WordPress is loaded.

Optimizing the particular Wordfence firewall means that it could protect you even towards vulnerabilities plus exploits that don’t need WordPress to perform. There are numerous advantages to doing so, also it does need a few steps our plugin will show you through. This movie walks through the procedure of firewall optimization. When you have been making use of Wordfence minus the firewall optimized for quite a while, learning mode is unwanted.

As an over-all rule, we advise that you will have your firewall optimized. When zero time vulnerabilities such as this are attacked, getting an optimized firewall offers you a much much better chance of preventing prosperous exploitation.

Please share these suggestions with anyone you understand who may be utilizing the File Supervisor plugin.

Special because of Threat Analyst Chloe Chamberland and Director of Advertising Kathy Zant because of their contributions on paper, researching, and editing this post.

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