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Bitcoin Ransom Fraud Targeting Website Owners



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Over recent months, a fresh wave of bitcoin ransom rip-off offers been reported which targets site owners by claiming their sites to be hacked and asking 1500 – 3000 USD really worth of bitcoins.

Scammers push the narrative that the data source of the website provides been extracted and when the proprietor of the website does not cooperate, they’ll either leak or market the data source to the best bidder.

Bitcoin Ransom Rip-off
Screenshot from the e-mail.

In addition, they threaten to utilize black-hat SEO ways to ruin the website ranks to destroy the trustworthiness of the victim within the eye of Google and its own customers.

They provide no proof their claims and won’t answer any emails to create this not negotiable.

“We’ve hacked your site and extracted your data source.”

This claim is certainly worrisome for individuals who already have a website. However, we have many types of people receiving the precise email, actually without owning any domain or perhaps a website.

Ask yourself, will there be any proof these claims? Really does that email contain any info which could indicate that the web site is usually compromised and that the database breached? What sort of information will there be in the data source? Does it have even a database?

Critical questions therefore often offer you a fast reality check if that is something you should be worried about.

Don’t pay out the ransom

Having to pay ransom even though your hard-drive will be fully encrypted because of ransomware is a bad idea. Provided that people spend the ransom, such as for example frauds and ransomware malware simply proceeds to evolve.

Unfortunately, looking at the various bitcoin wallets associated with these attacks there were at least 5 individuals who have fallen to the fraud and paid the ransom.

One of the wallets from the attack has obtained close to $2000 really worth of payments within bitcoins. Another wallet found in this scam which includes not yet obtained payments, but was already reported for abuse for 81 times.

It’s a scam

Be extremely skeptical about all ransom email messages and concerning this bitcoin ransom rip-off. Similar scams have already been used to technique individuals into believing they are recorded behind the personal computer.

Sometimes also their passwords are usually shown and the passwords are usually shown as proof (where cases they just make use of already existing data source leaks to scam those who have been affected).

If you’re still afraid rather than sure how to proceed. Write to probably the most IT knowledgable individual you understand to double-check.

Here’s the entire bitcoin ransom fraud e-mail:


We possess hacked your site and extracted your databases.

How do this happen?

Our group has found the vulnerability within your web site that we could actually exploit. After locating the vulnerability we could actually get your data source credentials and extract your complete database and shift the info to an offshore server.

What really does this suggest?

We will systematically proceed through a number of steps of completely damaging your reputation. Very first your database will undoubtedly be leaked or offered to the best bidder which they use with whatever their intentions are usually. Next if you can find e-mails found they’ll be e-mailed that their details has been marketed or leaked as well as your site was responsible thusly damaging your reputation and getting angry clients/associates with whatever angry clients/associates do. Finally any links you have indexed in the various search engines will undoubtedly be de-indexed based from blackhat techniques that people used in days gone by to de-index our targets.

How perform I cease this?

We are prepared to avoid destroying your web site’s status for a little fee. The current charge will be $2000 USD in bitcoins (BTC).

Send the bitcoin to the next Bitcoin address (Duplicate and paste since it is case delicate):


As soon as you have compensated we will immediately get educated that it had been your payment. Please be aware you need to make transaction within 5 times after receiving this observe or the data source leak, e-mails dispatched, and de-index of one’s site Begins!

How perform I obtain Bitcoins?

You can simply buy bitcoins via several sites or even offline from the Bitcoin-ATM. We recommend you https://cex.io/ for purchasing bitcoins.

What easily don’t spend?

If you select not to spend, we will begin the attack at the pointed out time and uphold it and soon you perform, there’s no counter calculate to the, you will only find yourself wasting more money looking for a solution. We shall completely destroy your popularity amongst google as well as your customers.

This isn’t a hoax, usually do not answer this email, don’t make an effort to reason or even negotiate, we shall not read any kind of replies. When you have paid we shall stop what we had been doing and you may never ever hear from us once again!

Please remember that Bitcoin will be anonymous no one will see out which you have complied.

Stay sharp and remain safe!

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