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CONTACT PAGE 7 Vulnerability within WordPress: Privilege Escalation

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Do you utilize the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin on your own WordPress website? Are you currently worried about the way the recent vulnerability may damage your site?

The vulnerability is privilege escalation and when a hacker exploits it, they are able to take control of your website. This may have a devastating effect on your website if it’s not looked after promptly. The reason being it enables hackers to exploit and misuse your website to perform malicious activities.

Hackers get admin privileges to your website and will lock you out there. They deface your website, redirect your visitors to malicious websites, steal confidential information, among a set of other hacking activities.

The repercussions can escalate if Google detects a hack on your own site. They blacklist your website to safeguard its customers. Next, your web host will suspend your account and get your website offline.

This can drastically raise the time and money allocated to fixing each one of these consequences.

Luckily, it is possible to fix the vulnerability in the event that you act quick and take the proper measures. In this step-by-step guideline, we’ll demonstrate how exactly to fix the vulnerability and in addition prevent WordPress privilege escalation hacks on your own site.


If you suspect your site provides been hacked, install our MalCare security plugin. It’ll scan your WordPress site and identify the hack. It is possible to clean your site immediately and protect your website from future attacks aswell.

Contact Form 7 is among the hottest plugins of WordPress and contains a lot more than 5 million active installations. Therefore, any vulnerability in this plugin places millions of sites vulnerable to being hacked.


Before we demonstrate how to correct it, allow’s understand why vulnerability and observe how hackers may exploit it.


What IS REALLY A Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in WordPress?

Having caused WordPress websites for more than a decade, several websites have multiple people today focusing on it.

We all understand that users might have different roles – clients, contributors, authors, editors, admins, and very admins.

The admin and the superadmin have got complete control on the WordPress website. Others possess limited privileges.

Allotting proper consumer roles ensures that zero on exploits your site. You may possess to provide the user usage of individuals you don’t confidence nevertheless, you don’t need to make sure they are admins.

In WordPress consumer roles, subscribers have minimal permissions while super admins could make adjustments to absolutely anything on the site.

In the privilege escalation strike, hackers access lower roles like a WordPress subscriber. However in this part, they can’t perform much other than look at the dashboard and help make changes with their own profile.

Nevertheless, if they look for a privilege escalation vulnerability in another of the plugins, they are able to exploit it to get even more permissions to the subscriber function. The vulnerability enables them to bypass limited permissions. Such as this, they get admin status or perhaps a role where they are able to do significant harm.

Today, the WordPress privilege escalation vulnerability connected Form 7 is somewhat different. Allow’s have a look.


Technical INFORMATION ON WordPress Privilege Escalation Vulnerability CONNECTED Form 7

This section is really a bit technical but if you’re utilizing the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin on your own WordPress web site, it’s good to understand what’s taking place.

Two vulnerability points within this plugin could enable hackers to change content material and upload their very own document attachments to your internet site. Let’s have a look at both:

Modifying Articles And Accessing Sensitive Documents

To know how this WordPress vulnerability, you will need to observe several points first:

    • The content of the form is stored in a folder called wp-content on your own WordPress website. It generally contains all the information related to your articles but doesn’t have data files which contain sensitive data of one’s site.
    • Outside this folder, you can find files such as for example your wp-config file and .htaccess file which contain data source credentials and configurations of one’s website.
    • If a hacker gets their practical these documents placed outside, they are able to hijack your site and assume control of it. We are able to let you know it’s a negative situation in case a hacker gains usage of your wp-content folder nevertheless, you face small damage. But should they can access data files beyond this folder, they are able to run very dangerous episodes.

Using the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin, it is possible to create types of forms on your own website. Ideally, just admins and editors must have usage of create and edit this content of the forms.

A parameter called capability_type defines consumer permissions and can be used to learn, edit, and delete the features of different customers. But because of flaw in this parameter, it allows any consumer role to create changes.

In technical conditions, it allows absolute route file, i.e., /host/house/examplefile.pdf. This is dangerous since it allows the hacker to edit the proper execution and grant themselves usage of files outside wp-articles.

Uploading Data files To Your Site

Some forms accept files like a resumè or ID evidence. Standard platforms like PDF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF are appropriate and shouldn’t result in any difficulty on your own site.

However, the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin vulnerability could allow a consumer to change the forms of files accepted. This implies your site could start accepting documents like PHP and ASP. These data files execute commands and features on your site. This implies a hacker can publish a PHP document with a malicious order through the contact page.

This command could execute a variety of things such as for example:

    • Create a backdoor on your own website that could allow a hacker to gain access to it when he desires.
    • Create rogue admin customers which will grant them access during your login page.
    • Modify the content on your own site to market or promote illegal items/drugs.
    • Redirect your visitors to malicious or even adult websites.

The set of hacking activities is really a lengthy one! It’s in your very best interest to avoid such hacks by fixing protection vulnerabilities such as this promptly.


How TO REPAIR The CONTACT PAGE 7 Vulnerability

There are three important steps you will need to take instantly:


The developers of CONTACT PAGE 7 addressed the vulnerability promptly and released a fresh version 5.0.4.

IMPORTANT – Upgrade the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin to the most recent version available. When developers discover safety flaws in their software program, they fix the problem and to push out a new version which has security updates. Once you revise your plugin to the brand new edition, this fixes the vulnerability on your own WordPress site.

Delete Rogue Users

Check the users which have access to your website on your own WordPress dashboard. Delete any that you don’t recognize. We furthermore recommend examining the permissions given to existing customers.

Scan Your Site

If you’re utilizing the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin, you have to scan your website for malware immediately. You can certainly do this by using a website protection plugin. There are lots available for sale, however, not really all of them execute a thorough job.

We recommend using our MalCare Security Plugin since it will work a strong scan of one’s entire website. It really is designed to discover any type of malware even though it’s hidden or even disguised. It’ll alert you if your website is hacked.

malcare hacked documents detected

You can tidy up the hack instantly utilizing the Auto-Clean choice. The plugin will start the automatic malware elimination process and can restore your site on track in under a short while.

Next, we’ll demonstrate preventing such web assaults on your own WordPress site.


How To Prevent CONTACT PAGE 7 Attacks?

There certainly are a few measures it is possible to take to safeguard your site from hacks that occur due to security vulnerabilities just like the one we simply discussed.

    1. Install our WordPress safety plugin MalCare on your own site. It’ll scan your website completely each day and alert you if it discovers anything suspicious. The plugin will remain ahead of hackers attempting to break into your website and block their episodes.
    2. Vulnerabilities appear in styles and plugins every once in awhile. Make sure you up-date your WordPress plugins and designs as so when new versions can be found. We furthermore recommend deleting any styles and plugins which are inactive or you don’t make use of anymore.
    3. recommends specific website hardening measures. Implementing these methods will seal easy access points on your own site and ensure it is very difficult to hack WordPress websites.

With that, your WordPress website will be secure from privilege escalation assaults and SQL Injection attacks.


Final Thoughts

WordPress designs and plugins develop vulnerabilities every once in awhile. It’s not unusual to listen to of even typically the most popular plugins announcing protection fixes with their software.

This makes it even more vital that you check your plugins and themes regularly and make certain you’re utilizing the latest version accessible. This will safeguard your website from like vulnerabilities.

Nevertheless, plugins and themes aren’t the only real elements you should be worried about. Hackers find a variety of ways to break right into your site. They are able to use brute force attacks to guess your account or they are able to steal your browser cookies and access your site. In addition they use Cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities to attack your website.

To really and completely protect your site from safety threats and episodes, we recommend using MalCare. Its firewall will proactively block hack tries and its own scanner will check out your site every day. If a hacker sneaks by, it’ll alert you and you may tidy up the hack instantly. You could have peace of brain that your website will be in secure hands.

Protect your website with this MalCare WordPress Security Plugin


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