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HOW EXACTLY TO Update PHP Version Within WordPress? (Beginner’s Guide)

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Are you seeking to revise the PHP version on your own WordPress site however, not certain how to start it?

WordPress has managed to get easy for just about anybody to produce a website without focusing on how to code. Nevertheless, your WordPress web site is made on coding languages like PHP.

You don’t have to know PHP to operate the website nevertheless, you do have to make sure that you are working an updated version. The reason being hackers exploit outdated variations of PHP to hack into websites.

Following, they wreak havoc on your own site simply by defacing your house page, displaying malicious advertisements, and redirecting people to harmful websites. If your WordPress site is usually hacked, Google will undoubtedly be fast to blacklist it as well as your web host will suspend your account.

Luckily, it is possible to prevent all of this from happening simply by updating your PHP version. In this guideline, we’ll demonstrate how to examine which version your website is using and how exactly to update it.

TL;DR – If your WordPress web site is utilizing an outdated PHP edition, hackers are likely to exploit it to hack into your site. You need to up-date your PHP version instantly. Install MalCare to scan your website to ensure it isn’t hacked currently. It will proactively prevent any hackers from attacking your website.

What Is PHP On A WordPress Web site?

Every website is made on code. You won’t ever see it nonetheless it plays a significant role in the looks and functioning of an internet site. There are many different languages of program code and WordPress runs on the combination of four major languages:

    • HTML and CSS are usually declarative languages that run in internet browsers. They control the looks of a internet site such as your web site’s design and images.
    • Javascript and PHP which are development languages which are operate on web servers. They control the powerful functions and functions of a website such as for example call-to-action buttons and routing menus.

PHP is undoubtedly the most famous language for web advancement. The WordPress core, & most of the designs and plugins are mainly written in PHP. It is possible to consider it because the motor of WordPress.

Why should you take into account the PHP on your own website?

We mentioned that PHP operates on your own web server. This implies any troubles with the site efficiency that stem from PHP should be set by you. If you can find PHP-related problems on your server, your site will perform badly even though your visitor is utilizing the fastest wifi link, an optimized internet browser, and the very best computer on earth. None of it’ll change lives.

If you are operating on an outdated edition of PHP, it’s more likely to cause complications on your own WordPress website.

Why SHOULD YOU Update Your PHP Edition?

There are three significant reasons for you to keep your PHP version updated:

1. Security

PHP can be an open-source programming vocabulary. This implies anyone can modify, enhance, or donate to the growth of the vocabulary. The language can be extremely popular and can be used by an incredible number of developers all over the world.

Both these factors create PHP a stylish target for hackers. If vulnerabilities come in the language, designers correct it quickly and to push out a new edition of the vocabulary. This version could have a safety patch for the vulnerability. Once you upgrade the PHP edition on your web site, the vulnerability will undoubtedly be removed as well as your site will undoubtedly be secure.

This is not to state that prior versions lack security measures. It simply isn’t safe enough to keep your website protected against a determined hacker.

2. Rate and Performance

Programmers also constantly function hard to boost and enhance PHP. They discharge new variations with upgrades and brand new features. As soon as you update to the brand new version, your site will dsicover a performance improvement within load speed and enhancement of the performance.


Statistics display that 40% of guests will bounce from the website if it requires more than 3 secs to load. Plus, Search engines has made load rate among it’s position factors. You can examine why your site is slow here.

Certain PHP updates can make your website load faster. This implies your site can retain visitors much better. This can translate into an increased ranking on serp’s, improved user encounter, and much more conversions and product sales. 

4. Compatibility

WordPress retains improving its primary and releases updates regularly. Plugins and themes furthermore follow suit and make sure that their software works with with WordPress. Exactly the same principles connect with PHP as well. Because the PHP vocabulary improves and is improved, WordPress alongside plugins and themes furthermore utilize the latest versions accessible.

If you don’t revise your PHP, you’ll discover plugins and themes becoming incompatible.


plugin update information


In such cases, as time passes, you earned’t have the ability to update your plugins/themes or even install brand new ones.

Now which you have a very clear knowledge of why updating PHP is indeed important to your website, we can check out verify what version of PHP your website is running upon.

How TO CHECK ON PHP Version Within WordPress?

Before you update to the most recent PHP version available, it’s vitally important to check which edition you’re currently making use of.

This is basically because updating PHP will often cause incompatibility issues, particularly if you haven’t up-to-date it for a long period. It can sometimes may cause plugins and styles to a malfunction or go wrong on your own site.

To verify what version of PHP your WordPress site is using, we’ll demonstrate two methods.

1. Using cPanel

Step 1: Accessibility your internet hosting accounts and head to cPanel.

Action 2: Here, you need to look for a section called Software program. You’ll find ‘Select PHP Edition’.


choose php version cpanel


Step 3: Upon clicking that, you’ll end up being redirected to a fresh page where one can look at what PHP version your WordPress web site is running upon.


current php edition hosting provider


In situation this program is not obtainable in your hosting accounts, we recommend installing the plugin.

2. Utilizing a WordPress Plugin

Step 1: You can use a plugin called ‘Display PHP Edition’. It really is obtainable in the WordPress repository.


screen php version


Step 2: Right after you activate the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard > House > Instantly. Step 3: Here, you can observe what edition of PHP your site is using.


wordpress php version


At enough time of writing this short article, the most recent version of PHP available is 7.4. In the picture above you can view that the PHP edition is quite outdated. The website is running on edition 5.6.

There have already been 4 major versions since that time which have been missed. (7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 – Edition 6 was abandoned)

Updating from 5.6 to 7.4 directly might lead to your site to crack or malfunction. But don’t worry, we’ll demonstrate a safe solution to up-date your WordPress web site without facing any problems.

Steps To Consider Before Updating Your PHP Edition

We mentioned how updating the PHP edition can cause your site to break or even malfunction. To avoid this from taking place, we strongly suggest taking these actions before updating your PHP edition.

1. Have a backup of one’s WordPress site

Create a whole backup of one’s WordPress web site before updating your own PHP edition. If anything goes incorrect, it is possible to simply restore your website back again to normal.

You will get a backup of one’s entire site within a short while by installing the BlogVault back-up plugin. Basically add your site to the BlogVault dashboard and it’ll automatically have a backup of one’s site.

It also allows you to restore your website with a single click on and is guaranteed to function.

2. Upgrade WordPress

To ensure you can find no problems whilel updating your PHP, constantly be sure your WordPress primary installation may be the latest. In case you are working on an outdated edition of WordPress and you also update to the most recent PHP version, it might cause incompatibility problems and render your website unusable.


wordpress core upgrade


Proceed to your WordPress dashboard. In case a new version can be acquired, it will prompt you prefer in the picture above. Select Update Now.

3. Examine your plugins and designs

We recommend going to your WordPress dashboard and checking the set of plugins and themes you have got installed.

If you can find any updates pending, we recommend updating them 1st. Again, the reason being some plugins could become incompatible with the brand new edition of PHP. We suggest very first completing the PHP upgrade, and then allowing your plugins one at a time to guarantee each one of these works fine.

Nevertheless, if you visit a warning that the brand new version is not really appropriate for your PHP version, you need to certainly disable the plugin just before updating PHP.


plugin update information


You know it’ll cause trouble on your own site. We suggest updating the plugin after you’ve up-to-date PHP.

4. Verify PHP compatibility

You may use a plugin called PHP compatibility Checker to check on if updating your PHP could cause problems.

This isn’t a sure photo approach to checking compatibility issues since sometimes the particular plugin misses products or throws upward false positives. However, generally, it really is helpful.

If you discover compatibility issues, we recommend disabling those plugins or themes before updating them. It is possible to contact the programmers and have them to investigate the problem. Should they aren’t in a position to resolve the issue or even don’t react to you, you’ll have to find alternative choices for these incompatible plugins and themes.

Today that you’ve taken these safety measures and will be sure your website are designed for the update, it is possible to move ahead to safely updating the PHP edition on your own WordPress site.

How To Update PHP Safely And Quickly?

We mentioned previously that some coding languages work in browsers, while PHP works on your own web server.

Your web server is controlled and managed by your online host. If you don’t have your personal server, you’ll likely not have handle over it.

Hence, you won’t find a choice to revise PHP on your own WordPress dashboard. You need to use your online hosting account to accomplish up-date PHP on your own web server.

Each website hosting provider includes a different approach to updating PHP, however, they’ll be quite comparable. We’ll demonstrate how to upgrade using cPanel with two hosting suppliers GoDaddy and NameCheap. If you work with any other web host, you will find instructions on how best to revise PHP in these hyperlinks.

How to Update PHP edition Using NameCheap?

1. Login to your NameCheap website hosting account.

2. Move to cPanel > Software program > ‘Select PHP Version’.

3. Under PHP edition: you’ll start to see the text within glowing blue with a dropdown menus. Select the version you wish to update to and click on on ‘set like current’.


site php version


Your PHP version is currently updated.

How to Update PHP version Making use of GoDaddy?

1. Get on your GoDaddy hosting accounts.

2. Access My Products > WEBSITE HOSTING > Manage.

3. Under Settings, change to Server.


cpanel hosting server


5. Go through the option ‘PHP edition.’ A pop-up will appear that allows one to Change PHP Edition.

6. Choose the version you would like to update, type ‘update’ to verify and save adjustments.


transformation php version


Your WordPress website is currently running on the most recent version of PHP. We strongly suggest visiting your web site to make sure that the up-date ran smoothly as well as your website is working correctly. In the event you come across any problems or cannot update your PHP edition, you should contact your online hosting provider.

Final Thoughts

Making use of outdated software program affects your web site’s protection and performance. Given that you’ve up-to-date your PHP version, your website will undoubtedly be better and quicker! It will also become more protected against hackers.

Nevertheless, this is only 1 step in the proper direction towards better WordPress security. We advise that you always carry out the following on your own WordPress site:

    1. Use our safety plugin MalCare to scan and keep track of your website. Its robust firewall will block hackers from attacking your website.
    2. Take a backup of one’s WordPress site. When something goes wrong together with your site, you may use your backup duplicate to revive your site on track.
    3. Harden your WordPress web site to make it problematic for hackers to split in. You can make reference to our detailed Guidebook on WordPress Hardening.

With that, your WordPress site today performs much better and is totally secured.

Secure your site with this MalCare Safety Plugin!

HOW EXACTLY TO Update PHP Edition On A WordPress Web site

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