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How To Repair a Hacked GoDaddy Site? (Step-by-Step Guide)



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Finding out your GoDaddy web site has already been hacked is really a nightmare. You need to be frustrated but fortunately there exists a fix to the issue but you have to act fast.

Once an internet site is hacked, hackers make use of your website for all types of malicious routines such as delivering spam mails to your visitors (should they don’t have spam filters) and stealing delicate data. They harm your site and put your organization at risk. You have to act fast to repair it.

We’ve run into many customers who had trouble using different hack-repair strategies that simply didn’t work. By firmly taking a long period to repair your site, hackers have more time to perform their malicious works.

But you don’t need to get worried. We’ll demonstrate a good way of fixing your hacked GoDaddy hosted web site and restoring it on track. Moreover, we’ll get you through preventive actions that you can consider to protect your website from further hack episodes.

TL;DR – You can repair your hacked GoDaddy web site in just a matter of a few minutes. Install MalCare on your own web site to scan and thoroughly clean your site. It’s automated procedure will restore your website to normal rapidly. Not only that, the plugin will continue steadily to protect your site using its WordPress firewall and scanner.

Before we start cleaning your hacked site, we have to be completely sure it’s hacked. Let’s verify is your WordPress website hacked.

Indications Your Godaddy Website Provides Been Hacked

You may be utilizing a security plugin that’s alerting you your site is hacked, or even you may see your website malfunctioning and assume it’s hacked. But often, there are fake alarms which generate unwanted panic and stress. Therefore before we visit the cleaning area, let’s have a glance at the symptoms of a hacked web site:

    1. You’ve received a noticelectronic of malware existing on your own site and your GoDaddy account is suspended.
    2. GoDaddy website hosting has delivered you a observe that you’ve consumed an excessive amount of your server resources.
    3. Google shows a warning your web site contains malware.
    4. Your website pages are usually displaying content that’s not yours.
    5. Website ranks for spam keywords upon Google such as for example ‘cheap Gucci luggage’ or ‘Purchase viagra online.’
    6. Your web site’s functionality and rate have abruptly become slow.
    7. Your web site is redirecting to some other unknown website.
    8. There are usually strange ads on your own website.
    9. Your hard drive or personal computer is infected. This may infect your website aswell.
    10. Your clients are complaining of spam emails being sent from your own website.
    11. You notice differences on your own WordPress dashboard such as for example new users or plugins and themes added.

If you’ve noticed these signals on your website, you have to scan it immediately to get the infection.

How to Scan A Hacked GoDaddy Internet site?

There are two methods to scan your site for malware – manually and utilizing a plugin.

The manual method is tedious and time-consuming. You should access your WordPress files and data source and manually seek out the malicious program code. This method is quite risky as hook misstep can split your website.

As we mentioned previously, we’ll go right to using an effective technique that’s quick and efficient – a WordPress Security Plugin.

Now, there are various WordPress malware scanners available for sale including one provided by GoDaddy. However, not every scanner will get all sorts and traces of malware. We recommend utilizing the MalCare’s WordPress malware scanner. Within the next area, we’ll demonstrate why.

Why Choose MalCare to Scan Your WordPress Web site?

Find ANY TYPE OF Malware

While there are plenty of scanners available, most depend on outdated technologies that simply doesn’t function anymore. To begin with, they work with a method called design and signature matching. In this technique, the scanner includes a list of program code that is regarded as malicious. It scans the program code of your site to notice if it fits any program code on the checklist.

The problem with this particular method is that when there is new malware on your own site, it won’t be caught simply by the scanner. Hackers furthermore know how to conceal and disguise their program code well, so often, these scanners will prompt you your site is thoroughly clean when it’s really hacked.

You require a scanner that’s built on the most recent technologies and doesn’t depend on outdated strategies. MalCare uses over 100+ intelligent indicators to find malware. It analyses the habits of program code on your site and will thus figure out if it’s malicious or even not. When there is malware on your own site, irrespective of whether it’s new, hidden or even disguised, MalCare will see it.

Run the Deep Scan OF ONE’S Site

Earlier WordPress internet sites were comprised of just a few documents and folders. Hackers had been limited in where they might location their malware. A malware scanner got to check a few data files and folders where malware had been usually found.

But since WordPress has advanced, websites are actually made up of a great deal of documents and folders. Hackers have significantly more choices in where they are able to place their malicious program code. Plus, they have a tendency to infect multiple data files and folders. Surface area scans simply don’t reduce it any more. A scanner must execute a deep scan of one’s website to be able to locate all cases of malware.

MalCare will run the complete and thorough scan of your WordPress web site. It checks every document, folder, and data source of one’s website.

Automated Procedure

Many of these scanners aren’t automated. GoDaddy offers an internet site Security plan. Once you subscribe to it, it is possible to demand a cleanup, and a cyber protection analyst will be designated to your case. They’ll after that manually scan your website. This entire process may take days!

However, MalCare makes use of an automated procedure that will complete the job in just a matter of minutes. After it locates the contaminated files, it is possible to clear it up instantly using its automated cleaner.

The plugin is easy to set up and use. And the very best part is it really works! Without more ado, allow’s scan your hacked GoDaddy internet site.

How to Scan Your Hacked WordPress Web site With MalCare?

We’ll demonstrate how to scan your website in two easy steps.

Step 1: To make use of MalCare, you simply have to install it for free on your own WordPress site.

Step 2: On your WordPress dashboard, select MalCare > ‘Malware Scan’ and select ‘Scan Web site.’


free of charge malcare scan when godaddy web site is hacked


The scan will automatically run. As soon as it discovers the malware, you’ll visit a malware warning like thus:


malcare scan

Note: In the event that you manage multiple websites, MalCare enables you to list several names of domain and manage, scan and clear every one of them from its independent dashboard.

Permit’s check out clean your hacked WordPress website immediately.

How TO ELIMINATE Malware From GoDaddy Sites?

Today that you’ve identified the hacked documents, you may use MalCare to take away the malware and restore your website back again to normal quickly.

Stage 1: Auto-Clean Your Web site

On the same web page that MalCare displays the hacked documents, there is a choice called ‘Auto-Clean’.

Click onto it and MalCare will quickly clean your site. It’ll delete all malicious program code from your data files and folders. In a minute, it’ll alert you your site is clear.


cleansing hacked godaddy web site


Note: WordPress malware removal is really a complicated process and is really a superior feature with all WordPress security plugins. If you’re the first-time consumer of MalCare, you’ll need to choose the strategy starting at $99 each year ($8.25 monthly). 

Action 2: Remove Web site’s Web host Suspension

In situation your website is suspended by GoDaddy, it is possible to get in touch with them via chat, e-mail or phone. Have a screenshot of one’s ‘site is clear’ position on MalCare. Submit the methods you took to completely clean your site additionally screenshot to GoDaddy. As soon as, they verify your site is clear, they’ll remove the suspension as well as your site will undoubtedly be back online.

Suggestion: If you’re utilizing a shared hosting program, we recommend switching in order to a dedicated web host. It’s safer and make sure your overall performance isn’t influence by other websites on a single server.

Phase 3: Remove Search engines Blacklist

If your site was blacklisted by Google, it is possible to submit your website for review. Make reference to our guidebook on How to eliminate Google Blacklist Warning.

Prevent Future Attacks ON YOUR OWN GoDaddy Website

Getting gone the hack is excellent, but you have to take measures to make sure it doesn’t take place again. Listed below are five procedures we strongly suggest implementing on your own site immediately:

1. Work with a Security Plugin

Hackers target sites which are easy to break right into. If you possess the proper security plugin energetic on your own site, it will offer you ample protection to help keep hackers away. We suggest activating MalCare on your own site. It’ll scan and keep track of your website regularly. Its firewall will proactively defend your web site and block malicious IP addresses, hackers and bots.

2. Upgrade Your WordPress Site Frequently

When you notice an update obtainable in your WordPress dashboard, we advise setting up it at the earliest opportunity.


wordpress core up-date


Improvements contain fixes to safety flaws and bugs. In addition they bring new functions and enhance the performance of the program. If you discover it hard to maintain with updates or encounter problems with rolling them out.

3. Harden Your WordPress Site

You can make your website stronger against hackers by hardening your site. These measures consist of implementing 2-step authentication, limiting login tries, disabling document editor, disabling plugin set up, resetting passwords and protection keys, amongst others.

Some of the measures require technical information. If you’ve installed MalCare, it is possible to implement hardening methods directly from the dashboard with only a few clicks.

4. Keep track of Your Themes and Plugins

In no way use pirated versions of themes and plugins. Hackers make use of such software to pass on malware. Once you set it up, the malware will infect your website.

Make sure a person make use of trusted themes plus plugins from the WordPress repository. Keep an eye on them and ensure that you upgrade them regularly.

We advise you to help keep just the themes and plugins you utilize. Delete any inactive types you might have on your web site. This can remove unnecessary components on your own site that can ensure it is vulnerable.

5. Make use of An SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate means that the info transferred from also to your website is protected. It offers encryption of the data, so, even though a hacker manages to intercept the info, they earned’t have the ability to decipher it. This prevents information breaches.

With these measures set up, hackers will see it very difficult to break into your website. You can be confident your WordPress web site is secure. You can examine our tutorial on how best to change HTTP to HTTPS on WordPress.

Final Thoughts

GoDaddy is among the most popular and biggest domain registrars and website hosting providers. It is possible to trust that their system is secure. Nevertheless, hackers are continuously on the prowl searching for vulnerable WordPress web sites and using website hacking techniques. You will need to take sufficient site and mobile safety measures to help keep these hackers away.

To summarize what we discussed nowadays:

    1. If your GoDaddy website is hacked, you should correct it fast. The much longer you wait, the even worse the results become.
    2. We recommend making use of MalCare since it cleans your site in just a matter of moments and is guaranteed to function.
    3. Install the plugin, run the scan and auto-clean your website with MalCare. Your website will undoubtedly be hack-free instantly.
    4. MalCare can continue to protect your website, run normal scans and block potential future hack attempts.

You can have reassurance understanding that you don’t suffer from this nightmare again.

Protect your own WordPress website with MalCare!

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