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Google’s New Anti-Popup Policy…

And what you can do to continue building your list on mobile…

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Increase visibility of your posts, get more engagement, let new followers and subscribers find you… really, hashtags done right can open a whole new world of traffic to your website.

How Fast Can Change Happen?

January 22, 1943, Black Hills, South Dakota.

In Spearfish at 7:32 a.m., it was -4 degrees Fahrenheit, or -20 Celsius

2 minutes later the temperature was 45 degrees Fahrenheit – a rise of 49 degrees.

Yes, you read that right – a 49 degree change in 2 minutes time.

A couple of hours later, the temperate plunged from 54 back to -4 degrees – a change of 58 degrees in 27 minutes.

In downtown Rapid City, the temperature warmed to +5 degrees by 9:20 a.m., then quickly warmed to 54 degrees by 9:40 a.m. - a difference of 49 degrees in 20 minutes.

As unbelievable as this sounds, all of this is documented fact.

So let me ask you… are you stuck in a rut? Do you think it’s going to take you weeks, months or years to effect real change in your business or your life?

It certainly could.

Then again, change can happen in a minute.

The first step? Decide to make the change.

The second step? Immediate, massive, take-no-prisoners action.

How to Make Money from Annoying Telemarketers

Do you get phone calls asking if you want to lower your credit card rates, buy insurance or win a prize?

One British man was sick and tired of the non-stop telemarketer phone calls, so he did something about it. For a one-time fee of 10 pounds, Lee Beaumont registered a second home line as a premium-rate number, for which he receives 7p per minute from anyone who calls it.

His new number was picked up by telemarketing databases, and thus far he’s earned 300 pounds by receiving telemarketing calls.

Just imagine if the next time a telemarketer called you, you did everything in your power to keep them on the line as long as possible.

Finally a way to ENJOY telemarketing phone calls.

Microsoft is Disabling Older Versions of Skype on March 1st

Do you want to keep the older version? Too bad…

Snapchat for Marketing?

A couple of stats: Snapchat has 161 million daily users who spend 25-30 minutes in-app every single day.

54.8 percent of a brand account’s followers will open a story, and 87.5% of those followers will watch it to the last snap.

The potential for marketers on Snapchat is huge – but only IF your followers can find you in the first place…

How to Create High-Quality Videos for Social Media

This interactive web guide will get you up to speed – fast.

How to Create 360-Degree Video: The Ultimate Guide

If you want your audience to actively interact with your videos, try making them in 360 degrees. It’s easier than you think.

Google Bans 200 Publishers

A word to the wise and certainly of no business interest to any of our readers (we hope.)

Google is kicking fake news publishers off of Adsense. These are sites that publish fake stories, such as the one that said Donald Trump won the popular vote.

Google is also banning sites that impersonate real news organizations by using shortened domains – as a random example,

Better to Ask Forgiveness than Permission

Just something to ponder…

John Hawkridge, owner of the U.K. Gallipot Inn, found an old discarded bus stop sign.

Thinking it would be great for business if he had a bus stop right outside his pub, he erected the sign for a laugh, not expecting much to come of it.

But soon customers were queuing up for the bus, and the bus was stopping…

…now there is an official bus stop right there outside of his pub, and business is booming.

Is there a parallel to be found in your business? Perhaps. It’s certainly worth keeping in mind that sometimes it is more effective to simply DO the thing that needs doing, rather than asking permission first.

“Think outside the box” has become so cliché, it’s almost meaningless.

Perhaps from now on, we should say, “Put up a bus stop sign.” Because you just never know, it could work.

LinkedIn Adds Option to Disable Comments on Long-Form Articles

And soon they will add the option to turn off comments on all posts.

9 (More) Lessons from the World’s Best Content Marketing Brands

Here are some great real life examples to get your creative juices flowing…

YouTube Expands Mobile Live Streaming and Launches Super Chat

Have you got 10,000 YouTube subscribers? Then you can stream on YouTube. Everyone else will reportedly have this feature soon.

YouTube Glitch Falsely Drops Subscriber Numbers

YouTube experienced a massive glitch which caused channels to lose large chunks of subscribers in a matter of minutes.

Are you too old to start a new business?

Or too young? Too short? Too tall? Too good looking?

Kidding aside, Amy Craton of Hawaii just earned her bachelor’s degree online from Southern New Hampshire University, with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

“So what?” you might ask.

Amy is 94 years old.

Next step for Amy? She’s going for her Master’s degree.

So please don’t tell me you’re too old to start and run an online business.

I’ll have Amy kick you in the pants if you do 😉

Quick Ebay Amazon Arbitrage

Not sure if this violates any rules of Amazon or Ebay, but I know a fellow who is making some extra income using this method.

He searches Ebay to see what’s selling, then looks on Amazon to see if he can find it cheaper. If he does, he sets up an Ebay listing for it.

When he makes sales, he takes the customers’ information and types it into Amazon and has the products delivered via Prime.

Remember, when you have Prime membership, 2 day shipping is free.

I don’t know if he charges for shipping on Ebay, but if he does, that’s additional profit for him.

Like I said, I don’t know if this violates any rules. But he is making an extra $1000 or so a month for very little work.

You, 3.0

If you want to achieve a result that you’ve never achieved before, then you have to become somebody different. You’ve got to upgrade your skills and your behaviors and your habits.

You might think success is a mystery….

…Or wealth creation is a big secret. But it’s simply not true. There are no major secrets except the ones that are hiding in plain sight for all to see.

Self-made millionaires have been studied…

…analyzed and interviewed exhaustively. We know who they are, what they do and how they think.

And here’s the wonderful thing: If you do what other successful people do, you eventually get the same result that they do.


“Perhaps the very best question that you can memorize and repeat, over and over, is, “What is the most valuable use of my time right now?” – Brian Tracy

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