Services Overview

Complimentary Services
Restore From Backup

Should you make a mistake, we all do, or your site was wiped out by a hardware failure, there’s no need to panic: getting your site restored from your most recent backup (or a specific backup) is just a quick request away.

We prioritize these requests because we know how important it is to get your site back to the state that you need.

WordPress Expertise

We have been working with WordPress for several years so it is always comforting to be able to call on that expertise when the need arises. We are only an email away.

profile-pic is quite amazing

I find the WordPress support from quite amazing to be honest. My previous company that run our websites was dishonest, and I found it a breath of fresh air that I can trust someone who looks after our websites and keeps them safe. Well done!

James Woodham
Premium Services
Security Audit

This is possibly one of the most important services to consider. One of the first things we encourage each new client to do is to request a security audit. This involves us going through your site, looking for common tripping points and hardening your installation through best practices. This is all done free of charge and is tailored to your site’s specific needs.

Malware Scans

Being infected with malware is one of those times that every WordPress user fears. However, in addition to proactive measures, like securing your site (every client gets a security review, free of charge), malware scanning helps to find troublesome code on your site.

We scan regularly for malware and once identified, we can discuss the best way to go about removing it.


We make sure that you've always got a recent backup of both your database and your whole site so that whether you make a small editorial mistake and want to restore your database, or your site gets hacked, you've always got an appropriate backup to revert to.

All backups are secured off-site, then the local backup is deleted, this stops your server from getting overloaded with backup files.

And if you ever need to restore from a backup, that’s included in every plan free of charge.


Updates are the key to keeping your site secure. Updates remove software bugs, close security holes and security flaws that have been uncovered, so making sure that they get installed regularly is critical so that you aren't leaving vulnerabilities available to be exploited. You also get the added bonus of cool new features.

We recommend performing updates at least once a week, and a lot more often if your site is a more mission critical.

profile-pic is my secret weapon is my secret weapon. I started using them for odd jobs on my client's websites so I didn’t have to worry about spending my time fixing them. After a few purchases and seeing very quick and efficient results, I now choose to work exclusively with for all the WordPress support of my WordPress sites. I have tried using other services in the past but have always been let down and I can honestly say that these guys are the only service I can rely on 100%. I will continue to use and recommend for all future websites.

Martin Huntbach
Up-time Monitoring

Up-time monitoring means that we are checking your site regularly (every 5 minutes) to make sure that it’s still online. If we get a report that it goes down, you’ll get an email notification so that you are then able to take corrective action and get your site back online as quickly as possible, to minimize downtime and lost revenue.

Site Reviews

If you don’t visit your site that often, or you just don’t know what to look for, it can be helpful to have a knowledgeable expert looking over both the front-end of your site and the back-end, pro-actively looking for issues and ways to improve your site.

If you’d find the regular review of an expert pair of eyes useful, then you might consider adding Site Reviews to your maintenance plan, as a proactive way of keeping your site in tip-top shape.

One Off Jobs

While it’s usually safe to update WordPress, your themes and plugins, sometimes conflicts arise. Our One Off Jobs option is designed to take care of these issues when they happen as well as help with small tasks on your site. Generally, any task which takes less than about 30 minutes would be covered.