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Are you worried your shared hosting plan is usually jeopardizing your WordPress web site’s protection and performance?

We wish we’re able to tell you your site is safe, nevertheless, you, shared hosting poses several security risks.

While shared hosting may be the many economical treatment for run your internet site, it could compromise your web site’s overall performance and security.

Customers often ask all of us if they’re website could be hacked because of to shared hosting. The solution is yes, shared enviroment carries a specific amount of security dangers that could potentially result in a hacked web site.

If this happens, hackers may use your site to spam your visitors, display unwanted articles, and redirect these potential customers to unknown websites. If Google detects your web site is hacked, they’ll blacklist your site immediately, as well as your web host will suspend your hosting account.

But don’t worry, it is possible to do something to secure your site against shared enviroment risks. In this post, we shall discuss the hazards of using shared enviroment and the methods to safeguard your site.


By exploiting shared enviroment vulnerabilities, hackers can easily infect your site and hide their hack from you. You should install a safety plugin like MalCare that’s capable of detecting this kind of activity on your own site. Its intelligent scanner will identify any suspicious behavior on your own web site and alert you instantly. You may also use MalCare to completely clean up the hack immediately and protect your website from being broken.

In purchase to comprehend the risks, you have to very first understand how shared enviroment works.


To create your site available on the web, you need a internet server that you could obtain hosting providers like GoDaddy, BlueHost, Kinsta, etc.

Every function and procedure of one’s website will utilize assets out of this server. For illustration, when a website visitor comes to your website and really wants to view your home web page, your server will fetch the info required and screen the home page. To perform this process, your site will utilize a few of your server’s sources.

Now, don’t assume all website must use a whole server and its own resources. Many sites are small in proportions with just a few web pages and blogposts and require only a fraction of a whole server’s assets. Thus, buying an individual server isn’t only expensive but a waste materials of resources.

You can think about it as buying a whole apartment building once you just need one apartment.

Hence, shared hosting was created. Shared hosting is really a program under which an individual server hosts multiple internet sites.

The amount of websites on a shared server depends upon the limit of resources granted to every website. But shared enviroment servers may also host a large number of websites together.

This allows for hosting providers to provide shared enviroment plans at such low rates rendering it the least expensive option possible.




But hosting a large number of websites using one server furthermore poses some difficulties. We’ll discuss this at length next.

Top 5 SHARED HOSTING Security And Performance Dangers

Going back again to the house analogy, imagine you reveal the apartment constructing with a large number of other people. You’ve got a few common areas like the elevator, the stairwell, and the lobby.

Today, if one individual doesn’t follow proper protection protocol and near their home windows, a thief could split in and access the common locations. This thief is currently lurking inside, attempting to break right into other apartments.

Likewise, if one website upon the server is hacked, hackers can leverage their usage of attack some other sites residing on a single shared server.

But it’s not only security you need to be worried about. Even basic upkeep can be among the security issues. For instance, if one person includes a plumbing leak and does not repair it for a long period, the leak could distribute and begin affecting other apartments close to it aswell.

Likewise, other websites on your own shared server might lead to problems for the website. Right here are the very best 5 security and efficiency risks of utilizing a shared hosting services:

1. Shared Directory

Every WordPress website offers its own folder which has its WordPress files, content material, and other information. This folder resides inside what’s known as a ‘directory’ on your own web server.

On a separate server, you will see one directory with one website’s files within. But with shared enviroment, you will have one directory with several web sites’ folders inside.

Also though your website includes a separate domain and separate content, simply by sharing this directory, it really is intrinsically from the additional websites on your own server.

This means in case a hacker can access this main directory, they are able to target all sites on a single server. Hackers do that by running applications to recognize any vulnerabilities on all of the websites in the directory. This may be an outdated plugin set up on the website. Once they discover the vulnerability, they exploit it to hack in to the site.

2. Slower load time

If another website on your own shared server is hacked, it might also spell difficulty for the website’s performance. Whenever a web site is compromised, hackers may use it to execute malicious pursuits like storing illegal documents and folders, delivering spam emails, launching episodes on another site.

In in this manner, the hacked internet site is using a lot more than it’s shared server sources. This will affect your site. It’ll significantly decelerate your site. Your website could also turn out to be unresponsive and inaccessible to site visitors.

3. DDoS attacks

Your website may become slow if various other sites on a single server are experiencing a spike in the traffic.

When a hacker really wants to bring an internet site down they program a large number of malicious bots and gadgets to send the flood of visitors to an internet site. This is referred to as a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Services).


ddos attack seeing that shared hosting risk of security


To focus on the sudden surge inside traffic, the web site under attack begins using up more assets from the server. This can invariably result in lesser resources open to your website that will have a negative effect on its speed and functionality.

Your website isn’t the mark of the attack simply collateral damage.

4. Shared IP address

An IP address is really a unique program code that identifies a tool using the web such as your cellular phone or personal computer. Servers may also be devices that make an online search and for that reason, every server bears its IP address.

A shared server could have one IP deal with which means all of the websites hosted with this server will talk about exactly the same IP address.

If a neighboring website conducts illegal activity or spams its customers, the Ip is blacklisted and marked as malicious. This can cause a amount of problems for the site:

    • Firewalls will identify your site seeing that malicious and block their customers from accessing this.
    • Email providers such as Gmail can blacklist your Ip which means any e-mail you send will undoubtedly be diverted to your clients’ spam inbox.
    • Search engines such as Google may blacklist your website and mark it while insecure.

5. Untrusted Neighbors

Your website hosting provider won’t reveal the brands of another sites that you talk about a server with. Which means you have no idea who your neighbors are usually.

A hacker could buy a shared hosting strategy just like you and be your neighbor. They might operate spam and phishing sites to steal data from their guests. Not only that, they could end up being utilizing the hosting server to shop malicious data files and folders.

Sharing your server having an untrusted neighbor will certainly pose a risk to your internet site.

So in the event you switch from shared enviroment to a separate server? For several, this may not be an inexpensive choice. But don’t panic at this time! It is possible to take measures to help keep your site secure even if you opt for a shared web host.

How To Protect YOUR SITE From SHARED ENVIROMENT Security Risks

While the easiest option might be never to go for shared enviroment, the truth is that not everyone are able a separate server and Ip. We’ve listed four measures it is possible to implement on your web site to mitigate the dangers of shared enviroment:

1. Use a Security Plugin

This is really a measure you must undertake your site whether or not you use shared enviroment or perhaps a dedicated server.

A good WordPress security plugin can put up a solid protection against hackers and any malicious action on your site. In case a hacker on your own shared platform is wanting to gain usage of your website or execute malicious instructions, the protection plugin should detect it and alert you.

We recommend installing MalCare on your own WordPress site.

    • It will automatically station a solid firewall which will block hackers from accessing sensitive documents on your own website.
    • It will scan your site each day to help make sure there is absolutely no malware found on your own site. In case a hacker provides inserted anything malicious on your own web site, the scanner will detect it and alert you instantly. You can clear it up promptly with the moment malware removal choice without breaking your site.
    • You may also implement recommended WordPress hardening methods on your own website in just several clicks. These steps will tighten up your website’s security.




2. Evaluation your Shared Host

We suggest comparing various hosting providers and checking what safety measures they set up at a server degree.

You can research reviews of some other clients. You can even contact the client support group via chat or contact to get more information on your sponsor’s security. Many reputed hosts have discovered ways to cope with the threats mentioned previously.

Ensure they separate your site’s atmosphere from others. This implies the environment of web shouldn’t be accessible to the surroundings of web

3. Established File Permissions

As we mentioned previous, hackers on a shared server can make an effort to access your WordPress files. It is possible to prevent this from taking place by setting the proper file permissions to ensure only you, who owns the web site, can access them.

To change document permissions, you should access cPanel inside your hosting accounts.




Stick to this guide to implement the proper file permissions on your own website.

4. Block PHP Execution in Unidentified Folders

If hackers look for a vulnerability on your internet site, they exploit it to generate their own data files and folders. This can permit them to execute malicious routines on your websites such as for example redirecting website visitors or spamming clients with unwanted articles.

Generally, they execute code within a program writing language called PHP. While PHP execution is necessary on your web site, it really is used only specifically folders. It is possible to prevent hackers from undertaking their activities by blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders.

You can perform this manually as we’ve explained inside our guide about disabling PHP execution, or even you should use a plugin such as MalCare to implement it in only several clicks.




With that, we arrived at a finish on protecting your website if you’re utilizing a shared web host. By implementing these actions we’re confident your website is better now.

Final Thoughts

Shared hosting plans generally are a great option for websites which are just starting or for businesses that require a simple online presence. But simply because your business grows as well as your site becomes larger, you may want to consider obtaining a dedicated server.

If it is possible to afford a separate hosting program, it’s constantly advisable to utilize that for better protection and performance.

But simply no environment is 100% protected from cyberthreats. Hackers discover a variety of ways to break right into your web site. We strongly suggest that you continue to keep a reliable safety plugin like MalCare energetic on your own site.

This will ensure your website includes a firewall to block bad traffic and a scanner to check on for malware. In the case your website is hacked, it is possible to quickly clear it up with the moment malware removal option. It is possible to rest assured your website is secure. To learn more, you can examine our guide on web host security.

Protect your own WordPress Site with MalCare!

Best 5 SHARED ENVIROMENT Security Risks

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