WordPress Malware Insurance

Keep peace of mind knowing that if your WordPress site ever gets infected or hacked,
we will clean it out right away

What we will do...

WordPress is an awesome, that's why it's the worlds most popular blogging platform.

Unfortunately, because of it's popularity hackers love to try and get inside it and wreck your lovely site.

This causes you serious issues and loses you business.

With our LOW COST Infection Insurance, you will not have to worry about any type of infection your site may receive.

For only $147/year, our Agents will react to any infection your site takes on and clean it out 100%.

There is no additional cost or limit on the amount of clean ups each year.

This service is not for sites that are already infected. Please visit THIS LINK for virus clean up service.

Maintain Support Protect has given me the peace of mind

After experiencing the headache of plugin conflicts and losing my site altogether, maintainsupportprotect.com's wordpress help has given me the peace of mind to create the site I want without worrying about what will "break it". Quick to respond, follow up and with their breadth of experience to fall back on, I don't know how I managed before.

Georgette Rowland Osborne financialgymforbusiness.com