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WordPress Vulnerability Information, June 2020

WordPress Vulnerabilities


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This is really a monthly WordPress plugin vulnerability listing. It is a regular digest of detailed vulnerable WordPress plugin discloses or highlighted plugins which have vulnerabilities (you can find other, less important vulnerabilities on smaller sized plugins that sadly don’t always ensure it is to the listing).

Just about all the vulnerabilities you discover from this content have obtained a virtual patch to the WebARX firewall.

If you utilize the WebARX web software firewall, your website is safe and sound from these vulnerabilities. It really is sill always highly advised to revise or delete vulnerable plugins from your own site. When possible, enable automatic updates inside WebARX Portal.

Is your WordPress web site secured? Take a glance at how exactly to secure your WordPress site here.

If you’re a WordPress plugin programmer read how to secure plugins from an attackers’ perspective or get in touch with assistance@webarxsecurity.com and have for a plugin security audit.

MapPress Maps

MapPress provides interactive Google or Leaflet maps to WordPress.

Vulnerability: Improper capability checks inside AJAX phone calls
Fixed in edition: 2.54.6
Number of sites impacted: 80 000+

This vulnerability enables an attacker with subscriber privileges to download or delete arbitrary PHP files or upload arbitrary malicious PHP files to vulnerable sites, that could bring about remote command execution. 

Read more concerning the vulnerable plugin here.

Multi Scheduler

Multi Scheduler can be an appointment booking and scheduling plugin.

Vulnerability: Arbitrary report deletion via CSRF
Fixed in edition: no known repair
Amount of websites affected: 20+

The insufficient a CSRF check could allow an attacker to delete arbitrary records from the plugin (for instance Professional ones) with a CSRF attack.

The issue isn’t patched and contains been escalated to the WP plugins team on, may 29th, 2020. Study more here.


bbPress is really a forum software program for WordPress.

There are three vulnerabilities fixed in the bbPress plugin.

Vulnerability: Unauthenticated privilege escalation via the Super Moderator function
Fixed in edition: 2.6.5
Number of sites impacted: 300 000+

Vulnerability: Authenticated privilege escalation via the Super Moderator function
Fixed inside version: 2.6-2.6.5
Number of sites impacted: 300 000+

Vulnerability: Authenticated stored cross-web site scripting via the community forums list desk
Fixed in edition: 2.6.5
Number of sites impacted: 300 000+

Read more here.

Last Tiles Gallery

WordPress plugin vulnerability listing

WordPress picture gallery plugin.

Vulnerability: Authenticated stored cross-web site scripting (XSS)
Fixed in edition: 3.4.19
Number of sites impacted: 40 000+

Multiple cross-web site scripting vulnerabilities in Last Tiles Gallery 3.4.18 and lower allow remote control attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the Title and Caption fields of a graphic.

Prosperous exploitation of the vulnerability allows an authenticated high-privileged user (author+) to inject arbitrary javascript code right into a post utilizing the gallery that is viewed by admin along with other users.

The PoC will undoubtedly be displayed on June 11, 2020, to provide users enough time to update. Notice more concerning the plugin inside our WordPress plugin vulnerability checklist here.

Web page Builder: PageLayer – Drag and Drop site builder

WordPress plugin vulnerability listing

Pagelayer is really a real-time web page builder editor for WordPress.

Vulnerability: CSRF resulting in XSS
Fixed in version: 1.1.2
Number of sites impacted: 200 000+

One flaw inside the plugin allowed any authenticated consumer with subscriber-level and over permissions the opportunity to update and modify posts with malicious articles.

A minute flaw allowed attackers to forge a demand with respect to a web site’s administrator to change the configurations of the plugin that could enable malicious Javascript injection.

The PoC will undoubtedly be displayed on June 11, 2020, to provide users enough time to update. To learn more see here.

Drag and Fall Multiple Document Upload for CONTACT PAGE 7

WordPress plugin vulnerability listing

Drag and Fall Multiple File Uploader is really a WordPress plugin expansion for Contact Form7, that allows an individual to upload multiple data files making use of the drag-and-drop feature or even the common browse-file of one’s webform.

Vulnerability: Unauthenticated document upload bypass
Fixed in edition:
Number of sites impacted: 20 000+

The plugin isn’t properly checking the file that’s being uploaded, so an attacker could bypass the checks set up and upload a PHP file. This plugin vulnerability furthermore requires one to have the CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin set up.

See more concerning the plugin inside our WordPress plugin vulnerability listing here.

The WordPress Plugin Vulnerability List CAN HELP YOU Detect Vulnerabilities

We keep a continuing eye in vulnerabilities to help programmers, agencies, and freelancers keep their websites secure. When you keep track of vulnerabilities and up-date them whenever brand-new vulnerabilities in plugins turn out, it is possible to proactively protect your sites from obtaining hacked.

WordPress is really a popular focus on for hackers due to the fact of its lots of of third-party plugins which are being used to create and present site functionality.

Unfortunately, these plugins are constantly under strike, meaning hackers focus on plugin vulnerabilities to obtain usage of sites and infect websites with malware or even spam or perform additional ill-intentioned acts.

Make sure your own sites are secure plus protected and keep your own sites plus the plugins which are on your site up-to-date. You can begin by enabling automatic updates. Along with updates, you will need a web program firewall with virtual patching features.

WebARX web application firewall will get virtual patches which are distributed automatically on the list of websites when vulnerabilities are uncovered. Threat intelligence and avoidance are our main concentrate and therefore our firewall motor is updated every day.

Sites with WebARX firewall installed are safeguarded from the security problems mentioned in this post. If you are not really protecting your WordPress web site against plugin vulnerabilities however move and start free of charge here.

Frequently Asked Questions CONCERNING THE WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Checklist

How perform I know easily possess vulnerable WordPress plugin on my web site?

The best would be to monitor you web site for vulnerabilities. WebARX includes a good review and monitoring panel accessible where you get the chance to gain a complete overview of the proceedings with your websites. You can even enable auto-improvements for vulnerable plugins and receive notifications if the websites you manage are usually outdated or under danger.

How to select a WordPress safety plugin?

This can require some vital thinking as much of the providers provide 100% security. This may never be promised. Whenever choosing, make certain the security provider supplies a managed web app firewall with digital patches and active assistance.

Where can I learn if I have got vulnerable plugins on my web site?

WebARX shows all of the software program and plugin vulnerabilities when you have set up it on your own site. It helps one to always be along with vulnerabilities, with security and updates.

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